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People seem to choose the same entries over and over again when it comes to the best rock songs for a rock wedding. Wedding songs don’t have to be original. They just have to work. The dance songs that have been working for years are going to continue to work for years, and even many members of younger generations who did not grow up with these songs are going to love to listen to them at their own rock weddings.

Classic Songs

Something and Maybe I’m Amazed are the two songs written by Beatles members that are generally regarded as the best dance songs for weddings. Naturally, the Beatles had a lot of other great love songs. However, people specifically choose these ones as the best wedding songs of the bunch, since they’re serious enough to work at a wedding and positive enough that people are going to want them in that context.

You’re My Best Friend, I’ll Stand By You, Love Will Keep Us Alive, Wonderful Tonight, Wild Horses, Faithfully, and All of My Love are among the best classic rock love songs that people can choose today. These songs have been entertaining people for generations by this point, and they are all written by some of the most enduring artists of all time: The Eagles, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Eric Clapton, Journey, the Pretenders, and Led Zeppelin. Many younger married couples are used to being able to pull up all of the songs that they want on their phones at any given time, and they’re going to be just as positive about these songs as many of their predecessors.

Modern Songs

Naturally, there are still lots of great rock wedding songs written by bands from the last twenty years or so. Some people are specifically going to want to commemorate their love with more modern sounds and modern music for whatever reason. It is true that all of these songs will have been featured in fewer weddings just from the standpoint of time, and this can make them seem more original. Naturally, the concept of modern is fluid, and some people might feel that any song older than five years or so is an older song. The songs of the 2000’s might seem old to some people.

At any rate, Avenged Sevenfold has some great songs that will work for weddings, such as Dear God, Almost Easy, So Far Away, and Warmness on the Soul. Some people might even go for some of their darker songs, such as Seize the Day, depending upon the note that they want to strike for their weddings in general. Hinder also has some great songs in a similar vein, such as Without You. Your Guardian Angel, Here Without You, and No Matter What are some of the other great songs that people can try that were made relatively recently.

People should always sample all of these songs in advance in order to get a sense of the tone that they want to strike with their weddings. However, they are certainly not going to want for options.