Ars Nova is an American music band from New York, USA. They reigned back in 1967-1969 with their music concentrated on three different genres of rock. That is classical rock, progressive rock and psychedelic rock. They started off as a miniature music group founded by Wyatt Day and Jon Pierson who were former students at Mannes College, New York. While Wyatt played the role of playing guitar, keyboard and vocals, Pierson was based on the trombone and vocals as well. In most cases, Wyatt also took the initiative to compose as well as co-write the band’s songs.

Throughout their active days, Ars Nova managed to produce two albums namely; Elektra and Atlantic. Elektra being their first album, it release in 1968 with the performers being; Wyatt, Pierson, Bill Folwell on the trumpets, vocals and bass, Jonathan Raskin on bass, guitar and vocals, Maury Baker on organ and percussion and Giovanni Papalia as the lead guitarist. Rothchild signed the band to their self-titled album, Elektra, who also took the initiative to produce it alongside the additional songwriter, Greg Copeland. The album was released in April, 1968.

However, in mid-1968, the band crushed down after a disappointing performance supporting The Doors at Fillmore East. Around the same time, Ars Nova were promoted by Life Magazine with a profile. In 1969, the founder members of the group, Wyatt and Pierson recreated the band with new recruits. They were Warren Bernhardt (keyboardist), Joe Hunt (drummer), Jimmy Owens (trumpeter), Sam Brown (guitarist) and Art Koenig (bassist). With the new members, Ars Nova produced their second album, Sunshine and Shadows, on Atlantic in June, 1969. Thereafter, the band faded away, their music never to be heard of in a lifetime. Their single songs included; “Pavane for my Lady”/”Zarathustra” and “Fields of People”/”March of the Mad Duke’s Circus”.